Spring Schwingfest - June 1
Fall Schwingfest - August 31
Wrestlers from Switzerland will be attending the Fall Schwingfest*
Men - Juniors - & - Youth Welcome!
Signups @ 10:30 am
Wrestling will begin promptly at 11:30 am

Dinner, dance & awards to follow.

The Schwingers Club Hosts a dinner in March to raise funds for the Schwingers travel and equipment. 

What is Schwingen?
Schwingen (from German schwingen "to swing"), also known as Swiss wrestling (French lutte Suisse) and natively (and colloquially) as Hoselupf (Swiss German for "breeches-lifting"), is a style of folk wrestling native to Switzerland, more specifically the pre-alpine parts of German-speaking Switzerland. Wrestlers wear Schwingerhosen ("wrestling breeches") with belts that are used for taking holds. Throws and trips are common because the first person to pin his/her opponent's shoulders to the ground wins the bout.

Schwingen is considered a "national sport" of Switzerland, alongside Hornussen and Steinstossen. Schwingen and Steinstossen were included as Nationalturnen ("national gymnastics") in the Eidgenössisches Turnfest at Lausanne in 1855.

The modern history of organized Schwingen tournaments begins with the Unspunnenfest of 1805.[1]

    April 6th     Imperial Valley Swiss Club   - Holtville, CA
    June 1st   San Joaquin Valley Swiss Club - Ripon, CA
    June 15th  San Diego Swiss Club  - San Diego, CA
    June 22nd  Swiss Sportsmen Club of Tacoma  - Tacoma, WA
    July 5th-7th  Lewis-Pacific Swiss Society - Frances, WA
    July 20th    Sierra Swiss Club - Truckee, CA
    Aug  3rd     Portland Swiss Club - Portland, CA
    August 9-11th   Swiss Sportsmen's Club of Tacoma, Tacoma, CA

    August 31st  San Joaquin Valley Swiss Club - Ripon, CA
    September 7th   Aelpler Gruppe Swiss Club - Newark, CA



Local Schwinger's Went to Switzerland in 2016!

Last year, 4 of our Schwinger’s had been chosen to attend and represent the Auslandschweizer from California-USA at the Eidgenössisch Schwingfest which took place in Estavayer August 27-28th 2016. Originally we were told that 2 Schwingers from the USA would be able to attend the Schwingfest.  The Eidg. Schwingerverband has graciously allowed us to increase the number to 4. This was quite an honor for these young men. They are following in some very big footsteps.

Over the years we’ve had a few Schwinger’s wrestle at the Eidgenössich and earn crowns, Don Widmer, John Ming and Al Ming. Several others have wrestled and have won very nice prizes and done well at the Eidgenössich too.  Hans Wagner, Thedy Betschart, Frank Beeler, Frank Imhof, Matt Ming, Ady Ming, Joey Ming, John Schallberger Jr, Martin Steiner, Nate Aufdermaur, , to name a few.

The young men selected to go this year are all from the Ripon Schwinger Club, Andrew Betschart, Frank Kaech, Logan Schallberger and Zack Schallberger. Urs Gwerder from the Sierra Swiss Club-Truckee, presented the men each with $800.00 that was received from Marcel Reichlin, which organized a donation fund from private individuals in Switzerland which are fans of the US Schwinger’s, to apply to their flights to Switzerland. The Schwingerverband is providing lodging for each athlete in Estavayer,  August 25th – August 28th.   A presentation was also given at the Truckee Schwingfest on July 16th, in which reporter Iso Niedermann of Schweizer Illustreietre/SI Sport was in attendance with Jörg and Andrea Abderhalden.  We are very thankful to this group for their support and hospitality of the Schwingerverband.

Frank Kaech, 27

Zackary Schallberger, 25

Logan Schallberger, 23

Andrew Betschart, 22

Kaech of Escalon has 33 Crowns, 5 of them are West Coast Championship Crowns in which 2 of those are Gold Crowns.

He was a Perpetual Trophy winner in 2013 and 2014.

Frank has wrestled in Switzerland in 2014 and 2015.  He received his 1st Crown at the Schaffhauser Kantonalschwingfest in 2015. (4a 4 wins (2 10.00)/2 losses) He also competed at the Basellandschaftliche Kantonalschwingfest (9d 3 wins/2 losses/1 tie) and Klewenalp-Schwinget in 2015,(7a 4 wins and 2 losses) and in 2014 at the Appenzeller Kantonalschwingfest (16f 2 wins/2 ties/2 losses) 2014 Abendschwinget Fankhaus  (14f 1 win/3 ties/2 losses)    

He is a 2012 Chico State Agribusiness Major and works as an Agricultural Appraiser.

Hobbies: Schwingen; Raising Hay and Goats;

Parents are Tom and Janie Kaech, Brother TJ and Sister Katie.
Schallberger of Lodi has 24 Crowns. Five of which are West Coast Championship Crowns.

He was a Perpetual Trophy winner in 2012.

This will be his first trip to Switzerland.

He will be graduating Stanislaus State this Spring with a Major in Accounting.

He works for L & W Cabinets. 

Hobbies:  Skateboarding; Skiing; Weightlifting and Wine Tasting.  

Parents are Heidi & Louie Schallberger.  Sisters: Lynice & Tori and Brothers: Jakob & Clint.
Betschart of Modesto has 24 Crowns, 4 of them are West Coast Champion Crowns in which he has one Gold Crown.

He was a Perpetual Trophy Winner in 2011 and 2015

This will be Andrew’s first trip to wrestle in Switzerland.

He works at American Crane Rental.

Hobbies:  Working on his truck/welding; tractor pulls; riding quads in the sand dunes; going to the beach.  

Parents are Ted & Marge Betschart. Sister Erika and brother Teddy

Schallberger of Lodi has has 19 Crowns,  3 which are West Coast Championship Crowns.

Zack wrestled in Switzerland in 2014 at the Appenzeller Kantonalschwinfest (3 wins/3 losses 14c) and the Abendschwinget Fankhaus  (14c  2 wins/4 losses)

Zack is a 2012 Graduate of Chico State with a Major in Exercise Physiology and works as a Physical Therapist Aide.

Hobbies:  Snowboarding; Playing Chess; Working out.

Parents are Walt & Chris Schallberger. Sisters Nicole and Natalie and brothers Lucas & Zane